Breathing New Life into Worn-Out Jeans

Raise your hands if you have kids who love to wear holes in the knees of their jeans. These boys of mine are horribly tough on their jeans, see exhibit A below.

Exhibit A:

I mean seriously, this many holes? This is just one leg of each pair of these jeans, a couple of them have holes in both knees. I know boys play rough (and so do girls for that matter), but I am getting tired of the holey jeans!

I am not one to keep things plain and simple; I was not going to put iron-on patches over the holes and call it done. I wanted something that looked better than the ripped up holes, and was not going to rip out again the first time they wore them.

Off to the fabric store I went. I searched through the fat quarters and smaller remnants of fabric looking for something with a print, but nothing too cutesy. Then I picked up a few different colors of embroidery floss, it comes in so many colors it was hard to decide!

Then came the fun part. I first trimmed the loose, frayed strings that were around the holes, leaving the ones that were still in one piece (this was my preference, by all means if you want to cut all the strings go right ahead). Then I folded my fabric in half that way the patch will be a little stronger, then I cut the doubled over fabric about 1/2 inch larger than the hole on all sides. Pin it in place and then let the sewing begin! I hand stitched x's all around the hole in a contrasting thread color, and after a few minutes we had "new" jeans! See exhibit B below.

Exhibit B:

Are your kids hard on their clothes? How do you patch the inevitable holes in their jeans?


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