Tiptoe Through the Tulips

Ok, not really. At least not outside yet, although I am pretty sure by the end of this weekend, I will actually have tulips to tiptoe through in my front flower bed. They are coming up, and with a couple of 50+ degree days in store it won't take much to get those buds to open.

But, I digress, let's move back on topic. Imagine my surprise last night when I stopped by the grocery store to pick up a couple of things and I saw these beauties with the discounted flowers. (In order to get the full idea of my excitement you must also know that tulips are my all time fav, especially red ones!)

Then imagine my excitement when I locate the price sticker and see this:

Holy Cow!! Yes, I will take them home, and give them plenty of sunshine and water and love. I rarely, and by rarely I mean pretty much never, buy flowers to have inside the house. I have nothing against it, in fact I love looking at pretty flower arrangements, I just usually wait until I have blooms of my own outside to cut and bring in.

Nothing says spring to me quite like a pretty bunch of flowers sitting on the counter. When you can find them inexpensively, or grow your own, they make a great addition to any room at little to no expense. They bring in a fresh outdoor feeling, and add a great pop of living color to any space.

What is your favorite flower? Do you keep blooms in your home all year long, or do you use them to decorate for special occasions?


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