Simple Backpack Organization

Awhile ago I blogged about the easy coat and backpack organization I created for my boys inside the entryway closet (see it here). Long story short, they were supposed to be using one large hook each to hang both their backpack and coat. As winter came along it wasn't as easy as I had hoped to hang both a heavy winter coat and a backpack on the same hook. When I got home from work most nights this is what I came in the door to:

Notice the complete absence of any attempt to locate the strategically placed hooks inside the door. So, what to do...My initial thought was to add two more hooks to the inside of the door, keep everything behind the closed door. But, after checking the height, I would need to hang the hooks too high to be useful, so I starting thinking outside the closet.

On the wall opposite of the closet was the perfect spot. It is still in the entryway and is conveniently right next to the door out to the garage, so it is perfect for the boys to grab their backpack on the way out the door in the morning.

Again, Command Strips to the rescue. Even better, Target had these babies on clearance and they are the same silver finish as the ones inside the closet. I really like these because I don't have to put holes in the walls, so the height can be adjusted, or if for some reason we change our minds it's not a big deal.

So now we have two spots in the same general area for the boys to keep their coats and backpacks organized. (I am envisioning using the backpack hooks for baseball caps during the summer, when backpacks will be stored away in another closet.)

 I am hopeful that having two separate areas will help with the ability to put things were they belong...we will see. Have you been forced to re-evaluate organization systems you created for your kids? Did the change you made help them to do a better job?


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