Shutter Art Display

This is a bit of an older project that I completed, but it is one of my favorites. We were in need of an easy way to display our boys' artwork and I wanted to add a fun bit of color to their rooms. Re-purposing old shutters is all over Pinterest and so I took the general idea and made it work for us.

My favorite place to search for fun things to re-purpose is the Habitat for Humanity ReStore. They have an endless supply of items just waiting to be given a new life. So, we picked up a couple of wooden shutters from the ReStore and then headed to the home improvement store to let the boys' pick out whatever paint color they wanted (within reason, we were not doing neon colors, which initially caused an argument with our youngest).

We started by lightly sanding the front and sides of each shutter, and then wiping them down good with a damp rag to remove all the dust. Then a couple of quick coats of spray paint and a day to make sure they were completely dried and we were all set.

The next task was figuring out how to hang the artwork. We opted to use small "s" hooks and small silver binder clips, what you choose will depend on your style and the size of the slats on your shutter. Using the binder clips allows us to quickly change the art we are displaying and since the "s" hooks just hang over the slats they can be easily moved to accommodate different sized pieces of artwork.

And here is the finished shutter with it's display of artwork:

Are you using old shutters in your home for organization or a display piece? The possibilities are endless...


  1. What a nice room and a lovely shutter. That's what shutters do, make the room more fresh looking. I'll be buying custom shutters for my windows facing the garden. It will add elegance to the place I suppose.


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