Saving Money for Projects

As much as I love doing projects that are free or very inexpensive, there are just some projects that require more cash than I like to admit. So, what to do? Well, for starters the answer is not to just run out and get the necessary supplies and change them to a credit card. (That is my opinion, and honestly it just seems silly to me to spend extra money on interest, when that money can be put use somewhere else.) By saving the cash you are forced to wait while you are saving, this gives you the time to throughly research materials, if necessary, and you can really think out your project and have all your details worked out in advance.

But, I know, the process of saving money is boring and I am included in the group that starts out all excited and sticks to moving money to a savings account on paydays, and then the excitement fades. For those of us that require more visual encouragement it's not as easy to stay excited when all you are looking at is the online bank statement. I want to see my savings growing in front of me, that will keep be motivated to continue.

Enter this lovely idea:

I got my chart from here, and we started it this week. It is suggested to start it at the beginning of the year, but really there is no reason to put it off until next year. So every Friday we will be putting a little bit of cash into a savings jar and then sitting back and watching it grow.

Now comes the important part...deciding on what big project we want to undertake. There are few outdoor projects that we won't be able to complete this year, but we could start planning for next spring. There is more finishing that needs done in the basement; flooring, trim, and the ever popular what to do for the ceiling. Hopefully the saving will be as much fun as the planning.

Do you have any tips for saving money? If you had an extra $1378 what home project(s) would you tackle? Will you join me on this money saving adventure?


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