Painters Tape Art - Part 2

Thanks for coming back! We are now onto Part 2 of the painters tape art, you can see Part 1 here. If you remember we started with 4 canvases, 2 for each boy. With the first 2 we taped the canvases and then painted, for the second 2 we painted, taped and then painted over the entire canvas with white spray paint. This gives us the opposite look of the first 2 canvases.

So, to begin the boys had to decide on what color they wanted. Kaleb wanted to keep it simple and go with brown for his entire canvas. Julian tested out a new way to get a nice mix of colors on his canvas. We put random dollops of green, yellow and white on the canvas and then he just ran his brush through the colors, mixing and blending as he went.

After letting these sit for a couple of days (and waiting for the weather to cooperate so we could go outside). I applied painters tape over the painted canvases in another abstract/random fashion.

Then I grabbed a can of white spray primer and coated the entire canvas. I opted for spray primer instead of spray paint for a couple of reasons: 1) All I had a home was primer not paint, and 2) I think the primer probably covered the acrylic paint a little better than paint would have.

Again after letting this sit for just a few minutes, while the paint was still slightly wet, I pulled off the tape to reveal the masterpieces. I think they turned out pretty awesome, if I do say so myself!

Here is the finished artwork on display in each of the boys' rooms. They are pretty pleased with their work and love having it on display. I think it adds a nice personalized touch to their space.

Have you commissioned your kids to create artwork specifically for their space? Do you have their artwork displayed in other rooms of your home?


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