Painters Tape Art - Part 1

The boys and I have been busy working on some new art for their bedrooms. I like for them to have a hand in what goes into their rooms, and this project was no different. I found the inspiration for this project on Pinterest and we gave it our own spin.

We started with 4-12"x12" canvases, a roll of painters tape and an assortment of paints. I taped an abstract/random design onto 2 of the canvases and custom mixed the requested paint colors that each of the boys chose.

Then they went to work covering the entire canvas with paint. (Side note: When you are doing this the tape may not stick well in some spots. To help keep the paint from seeping under the tape it helps to paint with the direction of the tape and not paint all willy nilly across the tape. I did end up touching up some spots after the fact.)

After letting the paintings sit for a little bit (15 minutes or so), I carefully peeled the tape off of the canvases. The paint was still wet, but I was worried if I let it actually dry that I might peel some of the paint off with the tape.

 And Ta-da!! The first half of the project is done.

Stay tuned...Tomorrow I will reveal the second 2 (see them here) canvases the boys worked on and how they look hanging in their rooms.

Do you get your kids involved in creating their own masterpieces to add style to their space?


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