Quick Shopping Trip

On Friday I ran to Michaels for a quick shopping trip over my lunch break. Since it was the day after Valentine's Day I was hoping to pick up some fun Valentine craft supplies on the cheap for next year. Sadly, they really didn't have much, and what they did have I could live without. So I did a spin around the store to see if anything caught my eye (that really isn't much of a challenge, lots of things there catch my eye).

I always search out the clearance and discount signs to see if I can find any treasures, and I was in luck! Check out my finds, and scroll down and check out the totals to see how I did.

The tray organizer was a 70% clearance find. Although the exterior is not really my style, the bright green is, and this is going inside a drawer so the only part I will really see is the green anyways. The other 3 items were all on sale for 50% off. The lidded jar was exactly what I was looking for to use for some kitchen organization. And the ceramic bowl and egg crate were too cute to pass up and are going to be perfect additions to the rooms they are going in. I promise you will see where all these goodies are going in upcoming posts, so keep coming back.

So, for the damage: I spent, with tax, just under $20 for all of this. I saved almost exactly $25!!! I was pretty proud of my quick shopping trip, and now I have some fun touches to add throughout the house. Where is your go to place when you want to squeeze in a quick shopping trip?



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