Organizing the Kids' Dishes

One of my favorite blogs, IHeart Organizing, is having a kitchen organizing challenge this month, I thought I would jump on the bandwagon and do a little work in my kitchen as well. There are 2 drawers in particular that have been making me crazy here lately and definitely needed some attention.

Ever since the boys were little(r) I have kept their plates, bowls and cups in lower drawers so they could easily access them, and so they could be easily corralled. We have been collecting miscellaneous restaurant cups and there was a collection of cups with sippy lids they were getting too old for. So today was the day to tackle this mess.


Not that you can tell, but this is the drawer that is supposed to hold the plates and bowls. Can you find them in there?

This is the cup drawer, it is amazing that this drawer even closes!

Here is the obligatory worse before it gets better shot:


The plates and bowls have plenty of room and are not buried under the excess cups that didn't fit in the cup drawer.

Standing the cups up in the drawer not only looks neater, but the cups can't roll around and it really limits the amount of cups that can fit in this space, which is a good thing.

Here is the bag of goodies that didn't make the cut. They are on their way to the basement stash of garage sale items.

For something that took less than 15 minutes to complete, it sure does make a big difference. Now, what cabinet/drawer am I going to tackle next? Do you keep your kids dishes down where they can access them? How do you keep their space organized?



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