Cookie Cutter Storage

As I sit typing this I am watching our snow accumulations top the 8 inch mark and it is supposed to continue throughout the day. I am a little hopeful that I might be able to get a couple of projects done while we are all home bound.

As promised, here is the first item I put to use from my shopping trip the other day. I have been using a ziploc bag to store my cookie cutters, so I was looking for a jar, or something jar like, that would hold them. The catch was it had to have a big enough opening to fit my large heart shape cutter. I found some large canning jars, but the opening was not quite big enough, and then I found the perfect container. Even better, it was 50% off too!



I was really tempted to pick up more than one of these, but I wasn't sure where else I was going to use them. If I go back and still see them marked down I may end up picking up a couple more. So, how do you keep your cookies cutters under control?



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