Bathroom Drawer Re-Vamped

Here is the second installment showing how I used my great finds from Michaels that I picked up the other day. My drawer in the master bathroom has been in need of better organization for quite some time. It had started out organized, and little by little it just kept getting a little more unorganized everyday. I think that is the way it tends to go, if you don't have a great organization system in place after awhile it needs to be re-evaluated and maybe new systems need to be put in place.

Here is the before of my drawer, as you can see it wasn't a complete jumbled mess (just a mostly jumbled mess). Honestly, my hair dryer is almost never in there, I usually leave it out on the counter, so when I do put it in there it just gets tossed on top of everything else.

Here is the empty drawer and it's contents ready to be sorted through. I really thought it would look like a lot more, maybe if I would have emptied the multiple little make-up bags that were packed full...

My organizing tray that I score for 70% off was a perfect fit and I lined the rest of the drawer bottom with some pretty paper.

And now everything back in and it all has a place. I like to keep all my hair ties and headbands in the floral train case so all those smaller items are contained. Make-up takes up the first row, hairbrush and flat iron in the middle, and nail polish and lotions in the back. I did get rid of extra perfumes that I just don't wear anymore, and all the samples of shampoos, conditioners and lotions went into a travel bag that we keep in another cabinet.

I have to include this too: Have you seen those little plastic travel boxes of q-tips? I love them! Here is my favorite way to re-purpose those handy little suckers. Bobby pins fit into these little boxes perfectly. I have kept mine in this box for a couple of years now and I can't think of a better way to store them. When I travel it easily fits in my make-up bag and when I am not travelling they store neatly with all the other hair accessories.

Is there a space in your house that you use daily that you have put off organizing? What about those q-tip boxes, have you found another great use for them?



  1. I like the converted QTip into Bobby Pin storage. Great idea.

  2. Thanks! I think it really is one of the best ways to corral those little suckers.

  3. Awesome job, that must feel amazing to see your organized drawer now everyday! I organized my linen closet, I'd love it if you could head over there, check it out and follow me on BlogLovin/Google Friend Connect :)

    Thanks and happy Tuesday!

    1. It is nice to open that drawer every morning and see that everything is in its place. You did a great job on your linen closet!

  4. I love the bobby storage. So clever!


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