Cord Control

Isn't it amazing how the cords and charging cables for everything seem to multiply over night? We have phone chargers in the the kitchen and bedroom, computer and camera cords in the living room, kindle and game remote chargers just hanging out wherever they happen to land.

I had been tossing storing all of the miscellaneous cords and charging cables in an empty shoe box under a side table in the living room as an attempt to control the mess they make. The box was too small (and ugly) and everything kept ending up in a jumbled mess.

Here is the solution I found; First things first, buy a new pair of boots so that you have a bigger box to work with! Second, wrap it in pretty paper so it is not an embarrassing sight when out in plain view (I picked up a roll of this paper for only $1) and lastly make dividers for that sucker so that everything has it's own space. Ta-da!

I found the original inspiration for this here. While you are there take a look around her website. It has fast become one of my favorites, she has great style and great ideas for getting yourself organized. The more I see of her posts the more I am inspired to get my house better organized, watch for more organizing tips as this year goes on.



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