After School Storage

Our entry closet is the most logical place for the boys' to store their bookbags and coats when they get home from school. The problem? They are still a little short to reach the hangers, and I was not interested in placing a lower rod in the closet (which would mean losing valuable shoe storage space. I needed a place they could reach to be able to put their own bookbags and coats away, that is out of sight, but still right by the front door. (Oh, I don't really want to do any construction, or spend a lot of money. They are, sadly, only going to be this small for a short time and don't want to waste time and money on something that we won't need in a couple of years.)

Enter the easy and inexpensive idea. On the inside of the entry closet door I hung 2 large command hooks (I love these Command hooks, by the way) right at the boys' level to hold their stuff. Super easy for them to get to, and helps control the amount of stuff just dumped off at the door when they get home.

(Note: Just because I made this at their height and right by where they come in from school does not mean they utilize it like I ask them to. Usually, I find bookbags/coats/shoes on the floor just outside the closet door. It's at least in the correct vicinity and we are working on it.)

What quick and easy ideas have you found to help your kids keep their school stuff organized? I would love to hear what you have done in your own home!



  1. We do this too. Command hooks are great and I love having stuff off the floor. Each kid also has their own basket to dump shoes, hats, gloves, etc. It makes it easier for them to get themselves ready when we need to get out the door!


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