Get rid of the DVD clutter

I came across a great idea for storing DVDs in plain view and still keeping them easily accessible (original idea found here). We all know how much space DVDs in their boxes take up and trying to find a neat way to store them without them being an eyesore is nearly impossible. This is a small example of what I accomplished, these are only the boys' DVDs, look how much space they were taking up!! I found this awesome lidded basket at TJMaxx and it has plenty of room for the rest of the DVDs that I still need to go through. (I know you are wondering, and yes I kept all the cases. They are now stored away in the basement, not taking up valuable space in the rest of the house.)

Look at that small little stack of DVDs, and all the space those were taking up!!

Plenty of room for the rest of the movies, and now the DVDs can be out in plain sight and look good too.




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