5 Minute Kitchen Update

I am a big fan of open shelving in kitchens. I think it really opens up the space and just has a look of neatness to it. That being said, I do think that having some things contained behind closed doors is a necessity.

I really wanted to take down this cabinet and replace it with longer wooden shelves and wrought iron brackets. Convincing the husband that this was a good idea, not happening.

Upper Kitchen Cabinet Before

So we compromised. I took the doors and hinges off the cabinet, which seriously took all of about 5 minutes, and is totally reversible if we change our minds. So without a lot of effort I have the look of open shelving without all the work. (I am tempted, but haven't yet decided, if I want to paint the back of the cabinet the same color as the walls to further the impression of open shelving. I will keep you updated if I decided to paint.)

Upper kitchen cabinet with doors removed

It makes this wall in the kitchen feel more open and the access to the dishes is easier without the doors. Not too bad for a 5 minute update.


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