Paint Chip Easter Tree

Last year I picked up a bunch of paint chips in bright, Spring colors to make an Easter Egg Garland. I just traced an egg shape onto the paint chips and the cut them out. This year I decided to reuse the egg cut-outs as decorations on our Easter Tree.
Here is what we started with:

I was not a fan of the baby pink colored basket, so I gave it a quick coat of bright blue paint.

Then I went to work cutting strings, taping them to the back side of one egg and then taping another egg on top of that. (That way you can see pretty colors no matter what side of the tree you are looking at.)

And, we're done. I love how this looks as the centerpiece on my dining room table, it's brings a bright little bit of spring inside.

Do you decorate your home for Easter? Do you go all out with pastel colors, or do you liven up your space with springy brights?


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